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SkinDeep considers itself the only Premium Laser Clinic across South Wales and the West and specialises in the Medical Removal of Tattoos – of ALL colours, pigmentation and the resurfacing of scarred or ageing skin.

Developed as an arm of Skin Aesthetic Clinic in Porthcawl, SkinDeep is very much an established business in its own right – benefiting hugely from the extensive knowledge of the skin provided to it by its founding Director, Sian, and overseen by its Operation Manager Michele whose wealth of experience and training using its technology is second to none. Additionally, all of the treatments carried out are done so with the Medical oversight of numerous Doctors and Consultants associated with the Clinic, therefore as a Client, you really could not be in safer, more experienced hands.

Skindeep is passionately and professionally managed by Nathan and his team of Level 4 practitioners Olivia and Cerys to deliver an array of customised tattoo removal and skin resurfacing treatment protocols.

Nathan himself is self confessed tattoo fanatic who’s passion for its art has led him into his role with ease.. thoroughly enjoying the Tattoo removal process for both cover ups and complete removals alike. Nathan works closely with a number of Tattoo professionals and his removal work is endorsed by numerous local Tattoo artists who often require his skill set be applied before successful cover ups can be completed.


Why choose us?


The answer is quite simple. We are the best at what we do and there is no Clinic with a combination of the technology that we have, offering the level of service that we do, across Wales and the South West.


Tattoo removal in particular has become a massive industry in the UK – as much for tattoo fanatics as it is for those wanting to completely eliminate tattoos – the largest sector of our Clientele comes from those seeking the safe reduction of tattoo ink so that a successful cover up can be achieved.  Our biggest point of referral (other than our Clients) are Tattooists themselves, who recognise we have a Premium service and technology to offer potential Clients that no other business in our locality has.  Clients travel far and wide for what we have to offer them.


As a Professional establishment we cannot compete with small local operations who carry and utilise what is in our opinion, sub-standard machinery with a minimal pricing structure. We are Health Inspectorate Wales registered and our business holds an estimated ¼ million pounds worth of technology.  We can and do however offer competitive pricing for a Premium service.  As a business SkinDeep considers itself great value for money and as Professionals we are always honest in our goal of providing our Clients with the best treatments we possibly can!


What Technology do we use?


SkinDeep proudly houses the ONLY Cynosure PicoSure Laser which is used in conjunction with the Quanta Q-Plus laser to offer unsurpassed results in multi-coloured tattoo removal and skin resurfacing, in the whole of South Wales and the West!


This is the ULTIMATE combination of Premium Medical Grade Platforms which combine the two unique wavelengths of the PicoSures’ Alexandrite 755 for the effective removal of blue, green, red, yellow and orange coloured ink in addition to the Quantas Nd-Yag 1064 for the dense black tribal inks that we have witnessed the PicoSure Platform take longer to remove in the past.


In addition, the non-ablative Fractional handpiece with its Optibeam Technology provided by the Quanta Platform is quite simply outstanding at repairing and regenerating skin tissue, greatly reducing the possibility of post -tattoo removal scarring and ‘ghosting’.

It has opened up a wealth of many different treatment protocols for our Clients too as we now successfully treat all kinds of scarring with it – including acne – and often hold Clinics to repair tattoo removal scarring suffered by our Clients coming to us from other Laser Clinics that sadly do not carry the same wealth of experience or technology that we are blessed to own.

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